bbq and tuala....



just balik from bbq. we got to use the firma wagen, and it was a BMW! coolness! and kira cam reise dienst.. padahal pi bbq. although banyak serve babi la, perut babi la and what not.... tapi ada juga terung, zuchinis and cendawan. so i ate those laa kan...

skang is confused dgn hidup.. sebab on the way back.. ialah cam berborak secara .... intimate(?) dgn one of my collegeues. like.. kitorg pi ber3. sorang dok belakang and tido..(i hope!).. and kitorg kat depan bersembang... hm... pasal...

anyways... really hope nothing will develop between us.. sebab if something develops between us.. then susah laa.. we is like kerja selab...

 anyways... apelaa buang tuala wanita dalam toilet? in the past week dah baca 2 case revolving around that.. buang dalam rentokil laa dey!!! i think the problem in malaysia is... that bukan semua toilet ada rentokil... rentokil tuh duduk luar.. so after finish business... kena bawak lak sampah tuh kuar and buang dlm rentokil. sometimes org lupa... sometimes malas nak bawak kuar.. or what ever the reasons are.. and (from experience).. kengkadang penuh laa rentokil tuh! if setiap tandas ada rentokil or tong sampah.. and asal penuh je ada org kosongkan.. takde laa jamban nak tersumbat.. ye dak?

 ey laaa

29.7.07 01:59

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aidahanie / Website (30.7.07 09:25)
yuckie2..buang dlm tetoilet...gedemt la jugaks..

SmondipSymn / Website (8.12.07 15:07)
emm.. very nice

whinnituesee / Website (16.12.07 19:41)
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celebsxxx / Website (18.12.07 03:24)
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