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lama gila tak update..


so many things has happened since my last update.. i dont think i can update them all.. i'll just write whatever is in my mind at the moment.


monday went to see a simfonie orchestra at the kozerthaus. got relatively good tickets, and was able to see all the players, and the instrument. watching, and listening to them play... i felt melancholy and sad. i always complained at school about the band. how stressful it was, scared of the seniors, irritated by the juniors. thinking back.. i dont think i ever hated playing music. playing an instrument is one thing. cooperating and playing music in a team.. harmonising between all instruments.. thats the challenge. the harder the challenge, the sweeter the reward. i got teary eyed during the concert. am already planning the next concert!


I am already at that age where everyone around me is getting hitched, or planning a marriage. me? i want to get married someday, but i cant get married by myself, can i? unfortunately this age is also when my friends, or people around me lose their parents. this month alone, i've had a few friends that lost their mom, or dad, or find out that they are seriously ill. i admire them for being brave, and going on with their life. i cannot imagine what would happen if it were me in their shoes... pressure beb. i dont ever want to lose my parents. but i have to be realistic. but whatever it is, i hope that they would go first before me. it is one thing to lose a parent, but it is another to lose a child. that would be even worse, and selfish as i am, i dont wish that for my parents.



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