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24.8.07 09:41

Money and Scholarship

rant mode.. on


who cares what i do with my money. my bank account has grown to how it is because of how i handle my own money. i am not finishing my diplom in august and it is not because i want free money from the government. i dont need 2 ipods, 3laptops, 10 thousand handphones. i am not saying i am stingy. maybe some people say i am stingy. maybe i am. maybe i am not. i dont cut off nutritions to save money. once in a while i eat in good restaurants. i seldom go to mcd because the big mac is too tempting. i go to the cinema every week. i buy new shoes, new clothes.

 i dont know why i am so emo. please look up mgss dot de. i may be ignorant about zakat harta and what not. some comments from people have made me think.. maybe i need to bayar zakat, and the discussion about the zakat was good. but the comments some people make, accusing people of extending their studies just to collect more money from the government. eeee... KOLOTNYA!!!! most of my friends tak sabar nak balik.. and sigh sebab kena extend.. maybe laa cakap.. takpe.. dapat duit lagi from jpa.. but that is just to legakan hati sebab terpaksa extend. oklah.. mebbe satu dua mebbe nak kumpul duit.. that is their problem...eeee....

alasan is.. duit for that sem boleh guna utk org lain.. yeah yeah.. kalau pikir cam tuh.. takyah fly laa... dtg sini.. buat sakit hati org(my hati).. duit tuh baik bagi kucing makan.. atau pasang mata mata gelap cari si namewee or whatever nama die.. 

i know my argument tak berasas.. tapi .. cam geram.. i think 1% je drp kita yang dapat duit tuh yang gunakan 100% utk study sahaja.. ada tak org tak pernah gi reisen? tak pernah beli handphone? dapat duit bayar sewa, barang makan.. and buku belajar bertimbun timbun... end of the month bank account kosong.. sebab buat belajar? ada? tell me his or her name.. meh nak kenal sket.. nak botolkan air kaki die.. biar semua minum...

ok.. rant mode.. off...



17.8.07 00:02

State of my mind








11.8.07 21:21

bbq and tuala....



just balik from bbq. we got to use the firma wagen, and it was a BMW! coolness! and kira cam reise dienst.. padahal pi bbq. although banyak serve babi la, perut babi la and what not.... tapi ada juga terung, zuchinis and cendawan. so i ate those laa kan...

skang is confused dgn hidup.. sebab on the way back.. ialah cam berborak secara .... intimate(?) dgn one of my collegeues. like.. kitorg pi ber3. sorang dok belakang and tido..(i hope!).. and kitorg kat depan bersembang... hm... pasal...

anyways... really hope nothing will develop between us.. sebab if something develops between us.. then susah laa.. we is like kerja selab...

 anyways... apelaa buang tuala wanita dalam toilet? in the past week dah baca 2 case revolving around that.. buang dalam rentokil laa dey!!! i think the problem in malaysia is... that bukan semua toilet ada rentokil... rentokil tuh duduk luar.. so after finish business... kena bawak lak sampah tuh kuar and buang dlm rentokil. sometimes org lupa... sometimes malas nak bawak kuar.. or what ever the reasons are.. and (from experience).. kengkadang penuh laa rentokil tuh! if setiap tandas ada rentokil or tong sampah.. and asal penuh je ada org kosongkan.. takde laa jamban nak tersumbat.. ye dak?

 ey laaa

29.7.07 01:59

of snakes and spiders

i read sense and sensibility when i was a teenager. although the colonel was at first portrayed as bad and evil, i liked him. and at the end of the book, it was revealed that he had his reasons for doing stuff and was actually kind and good.a hero in my book.

 few years later i watched the movie. alan rickman was superb as the colonel. he was everything that i imagine while reading the book.

watching the newest installment of harry potter in the movies, i noticed that not all actors are what i imagined while reading the book. dumbledore moves too gracefully, hermione is too cute, and mr and mrs weasley, are forgettable. but alan rickman as Snape = superb!

i just finished harry potter and the deathly hallows. dont worry... no spoilers here.  just that maybe the colonel and snape do have something in common!

owh... sungguh superb.  



25.7.07 23:56

update update

lama gila tak update..


so many things has happened since my last update.. i dont think i can update them all.. i'll just write whatever is in my mind at the moment.


monday went to see a simfonie orchestra at the kozerthaus. got relatively good tickets, and was able to see all the players, and the instrument. watching, and listening to them play... i felt melancholy and sad. i always complained at school about the band. how stressful it was, scared of the seniors, irritated by the juniors. thinking back.. i dont think i ever hated playing music. playing an instrument is one thing. cooperating and playing music in a team.. harmonising between all instruments.. thats the challenge. the harder the challenge, the sweeter the reward. i got teary eyed during the concert. am already planning the next concert!


I am already at that age where everyone around me is getting hitched, or planning a marriage. me? i want to get married someday, but i cant get married by myself, can i? unfortunately this age is also when my friends, or people around me lose their parents. this month alone, i've had a few friends that lost their mom, or dad, or find out that they are seriously ill. i admire them for being brave, and going on with their life. i cannot imagine what would happen if it were me in their shoes... pressure beb. i dont ever want to lose my parents. but i have to be realistic. but whatever it is, i hope that they would go first before me. it is one thing to lose a parent, but it is another to lose a child. that would be even worse, and selfish as i am, i dont wish that for my parents.



18.7.07 23:00


Das Wetter gestern war schwül.

Ich hab gedacht, dass heute noch schwüler wird.


Ich hab gerade gestern das Wort Schwül erstmal gehört. Ich hab tod gelacht als die Bedeutung zu mir erklärt wird.


Schwul ist nicht die gleiche wie Schwül.





8.6.07 19:54

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